About me


David Melia

Phone: 01353 649932

E-mail: info@davidmeliastainedglass.co.uk

David Melia Stained Glass has been my own business since 1997.


I moved with my wife and two daughters to Little Thetford, Ely in 2004, we absolutely love our life based close to the city of Ely.


Prior to starting David Melia Stained Glass I served for many years at Goddard & Gibbs studios, a well established stained glass studio in Shoreditch London. Starting straight from school in 1983 as an apprentice I worked alongside many highly skilled experienced craftsmen. Over the subequent years as an enthusiastic worker I gained the many skills and grounding in the craft required that now enables me to carry out high quality restoration and repair, as well as on site removal and secure installation.


Having had the opportunity to work at such varied locations, from the prestigious, such as Westminster Abbey ( Henry V11 Chapel),  The Houses Of Parliament and The Royal Courts Of Justice, through to charming parish churches and private residenses, my work still gives me the same satisfaction and pride today. Whether it is a large complex church window restoration, or a single isolated repair to a smaller panel in a private residence. When restored, each unique window, large or small, has as a particular significance relating to its location, individual client or, on a larger scale, the custodians responsible for the preservation of their stained glass windows.


Thank you very much for taking the time to visit my website and finding out more about, David Melia Stained Glass.